The Process

The Evolution Sleep Program has shown to help people sleep better over a short period of time.

The Evolution Sleep Program takes place in 5 sessions administered over 6 weeks.


FIRST SESSION: Sleep Assessment: Extensive sleep history questionnaire;
followed by at-home overnight data study
SECOND SESSION: Sleep Education: An understanding of how sleep works; Cognitive
Restructuring: Thinking differently about the way we sleep, and restructuring some of those
Thoughts. **This can be offered as a one-off product

THIRD SESSION: Sleep Medication: Conceptualizing a medication cessation
plan; provide this plan to their referring or family physician for approval. Sleep
Scheduling: sleep diary review, sleep schedule optimization.

FOURTH SESSION: Stimulus Control: Decreasing the external stimuli that can
prevent you from sleeping. Relaxation techniques, relaxation response and CD of
helpful, sleep-inducing thoughts is provided at this time.

FIFTH SESSION: Sleep Hygiene: Maintenance of everything learned and program
overview of behaviour change. Discussion and
implementation of “Tools for your Sleeping Toolbox”