Obtaining quality sleep throughout the night is fundamental to achieving overall good health. Yet, each night, millions of Canadians suffer in the dark from chronic sleep issues. For some, sleep comes naturally but for others the ability to sleep – and to awaken feeling invigorated and refreshed – is a skill that needs to be learned. Sleep deprivation affects a variety of physical factors including metabolism, alertness, moodiness, hormonal imbalance and more. It is time to wake up to the possibility of improving your sleep and increasing productivity.
Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 5 patients report to their primary care physician that they are dissatisfied with their sleep. Approximately 40% of patients report at least one symptom of insomnia three times per week. These complaints range from difficulties falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, functional impairment during the day, and not feeling refreshed upon awakening. (Morin CM et al. Can J Psychiatry. 2011;56(9):540-548, Morin CM et al. Sleep Med. 2006;7(2):123-130, Ohayon MM. Sleep Med Rev. 2002;6(2):97-111.)